Lumina Specification

Flexible & spacious

The Lumina building will accommodate 161,847 sq ft of net floor space which is flexible and predominately column free.

Typically the upper floorplates provide 12,152 sq ft of net floor space and are configured to allow for a mid-split of the floorplate if required.

The main pedestrian entrance to the building is located off Snow Hill Queensway and access for servicing and parking is from Weaman Street at the Upper ground level. There is a 3 storey high arcade to Snow Hill Queensway which will relate to the similarly scaled base of the building opposite. The entrance lobby of the building is a 3 storey volume that will provide an imposing arrival space.

The office building is designed to achieve an ‘EXCELLENT’ BREEAM rating.

46 car parking spaces are incorporated in the basement, including 3 disabled bays. There will also be 16 motorbike spaces and 80 cycle spaces in a dedicated cycle storage room, with associated cycle changing facilities.

The floor to floor storey height of the building is nominally 3200 mm, which will provide a floor to ceiling height of 2700 mm to office areas, and all circulation areas, and a minimum of 2400 mm in toilet areas. A fully accessible raised access floor is incorporated allowing flexibility of fit out. Office loading of 3.0 kN/m2 with a further allowance of 1.0 kN/m2 for lightweight partitions, plus 7.5% of office floor areas with increased imposed loads of 7.5kN/m2.

General design occupancy is 1:8 m2, with a 50%/50% split for sanitary provisions at 80% occupancy. Lift provision design occupancy of 1:8 m2 NIA per person. Means of escape is designed for 6 m2 per person.

Disabled Provision

Showers and disabled toilets/showers shall be provided in accordance with all relevant legislation and building regulations.


The building will be served by a central core incorporating a group of 7 passenger lifts and 1 firefighting lift. This achieves the design standard for LB [& BCO] target performance for the up-peak and lunchtime peak traffic periods.

Suspended ceilings

The office areas will have a fully accessible lay-in grid suspended ceiling with pre-finished white perforated metal ceiling tiles. It is the project team’s intention for the building to have a full LED luminaire installation, to provide the best internal illuminated environment, to prolong lamp life, and significantly reduce in use costs of the life of the building; and following the recommendations of CIBSE Lighting Guide LG7.

M&E Environmental Parameters

Occupational Densities

Indoor Climate Control: 1 person per 8 m2 NIA

Fresh Air to Office Areas: 1 person per 8 m2 NIA

Toilets: 1 person per 8 m2 NIA (50%/50% split for sanitary provisions at 80% occupancy)

Escape Stairs: 1 person per 6 m2 NIA

Mechanical Services

External Design Conditions

Winter: -3°C db saturated with overload capacity

Summer: 29°C db / 20°C wb

ondensers to operate down to -10°C db

Condenser to operate up to 40°C db

Internal Design Conditions

Office Areas:

Winter: 22°C db +/- 2°C no RH control

Summer: 22°C db +/- 2°C no RH control

Reception Winter: 20°C db no RH control

Reception Summer: 26°C db +/- 2°C no RH control

Toilets Winter: 20°C db no RH control

Toilets Summer: No temperature / no RH control

Main Core Circulation Areas

Winter: 20°C db no RH control

Summer: No temperature / no RH control

Occupancy Level (for fresh air provision)

1 person per 8 m2 net office area

Fresh Air Supply Rate 1.4 litres/s per m2

Toilet Ventilation Rates

8 air changes per hour supply

10 air changes per hour extract

External Noise Design Criteria

In compliance with acoustic consultant report based on 24 hour operation.

Internal Noise Design Criteria (due to mechanical and electrical services)

Office Areas: NR38 (maximum)

Reception: NR40

Toilets: NR45

Staircases / Circulation: NR40

Design Cooling Loads

Small Power: 25W/m2 office areas

Lighting: 15W/m2 office areas minimum but sized to achieve 500 lux

Main Refrigerant Plant Diversities (not applicable for fan coil unit, pipework or ductwork sizing)

Lighting: 100%

Occupancy: 90%

Equipment: 90%

Controls Tolerance

Controls tolerance on room +/- 2°C At point of measurement temperature

Electrical Services

Lighting Levels: As CIBSE LG7

Office areas: 400 lux maintained illuminance at 0.75m working plane

Small power loads

Office areas: 25W/m2

Incoming Supply Size Spare Capacity 10%

Fire Alarms

BS 5839 Category L2

Emergency Lighting: BS 5266 and BS EN 1838

Lightning Protection: BS EN 62305

Public Health Services

Cold Water Storage: 20 litres storage per person / day

Domestic Water Systems Operating Pressure: To achieve 0.5 bar pressure from outlets

Hot Water Storage Temperature: 60°C

Hot Water Distribution Temperature: 55°C

Hot Water Outlet Temperature: 43°C (controlled via TMV3 valves)


A sprinkler system will be provided to BSEN 12845:2004 classification OH3.

Electrical Services

The following principal electrical services engineering services are to be provided to the premises:

  • High voltage sub-station installation
  • Main electrical switchgear and distribution with spare ways
  • Rising busbar distribution with landlord distribution boards and tenant metered split lighting and power distribution boards
  • Modern LED Lighting installation following CIBSE LG7 guidelines
  • Intelligent lighting control with presence detection and daylight dimming
  • Emergency lighting installation
  • Small power installation
  • Fire alarm system
  • Lightning protection
  • External lighting
  • Data and voice cable containment in risers and diverse incoming data /telecommunication cable routes
  • Life safety generator
  • Security including automatic access control and CCTV installations complete with digital recording
  • Disabled toilet alarm
  • Disabled refuge alarm
  • Space for future tenant’s standby electrical generation equipment
  • Space for tenants satellite / TV aerial equipment

Mechanical Services

The following principal mechanical & public services engineering services are to be provided to the premises:

  • Incoming gas service
  • Combined Cooling, Heating & Power (CCHP)
  • Low pressure hot water gas fired heating system
  • Chilled water system with water cooled chillers and cooling towers
  • Four pipe fan coil unit air conditioning system with DC motors
  • Office fresh air ventilation system with heat recovery
  • Toilet supply and extract ventilation system with heat recovery
  • Under floor heating to the reception
  • Automatic controls / Building Management system
  • Smoke ventilation to the basement car park and general car park ventilation
  • Renewable energy technology incorporating photovoltaic panels
  • Mains water and boosted cold water supplies to the building
  • Hot water generated by central calorifier plant
  • Sanitary plumbing system
  • Rainwater harvesting system
  • West riser installation
  • Sprinkler installation classification OH3